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Tải Game miễn phí cho trẻ em

Leah's Farm Coloring Book

Leah’s Farm Coloring Book (tô màu cho tranh với nhạc và âm thanh)


Souptoys (chơi với hơn 100 đồ chơi)

PC Virtual Pet Software (nuôi thú ảo)

Kea Coloring Book

Paint with the paint bucket, paint brush and magic brush. Download over 300 fun coloring pages.

Hercules demo

Take on the role of Hercules in this cartoon action game.

All The Right Type

Develop your typing and keyboarding skills through different exercises, games, and lectures.


Let your kids learn the alphabet, numbers, and musical instruments.

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  1. Huy
    03/11/2011 lúc 09:51 | #1

    Cám ơn, link rất hay

  2. 23/11/2011 lúc 23:48 | #2

    Huy :Cám ơn, link rất hay

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